Kelsey Brookes was born in 1978.  A formally trained
scientist he now lives and works in San Diego as an
illustrator and painter.

His art is an unrefined and some say unskilled mix of sex,
comedy and animals...born from a true passion for all
three (not always at the same time).  He blames this raw,
anxious form of art on the U.S. University system which
refuses to teach its scientists how to draw.

His art can be found broadly throughout the US and Europe
on a variety of media including apparel for RVCA’s Artist
Network Program, prints for Pictures On Walls and within
his hand made zines he always caries in his back pocket.
Kelsey’s art is represented internationally by the
Lazarides gallery (London).

He has also been featured in many pop culture and design
publications such as Blood Wars, Happy, Staf, Re:Up, and
Beautiful Decay.

Charity:  Surfrider Foundation